SEAONICS, specializes in handling solutions to support exploration and use of ocean resources. Norway's proud maritime history inspires us to merge our knowledge with new technology and innovation. With our system competence we work with you to deliver integrated handling systems to meet your requirements.

We deliver products within Offshore Energy, Research & Exploration and Ocean Harvesting.

Our promise is to deliver premium products and services to ensure efficient and safe operations.

SEAONICS is located in Ålesund, in the middle of the maritime cluster on the west coast of Norway, surrounded by a number of yards, ship owners and designers.

SEAONICS provide premium topside lift and handling technology for offshore vessels. Optimal equipment integration is secured through close collaboration with vessel designer and ship owner, and has proved effective through existing deliveries. All equipment is controlled through SEAONICS integrated control system. Technology include complete moonpool and overside LARS systems, with skidding, doors and hangar equipment. SEAONICS also deliver offshore and deck cranes, with hybrid and fiber rope solutions. All  prepared for battery driven operations.


* Within the IMR and P&A segment SEAONICS collaborate with  Castor Drilling Solutions and deliver integrated innovative tower solutions.  


Complex subsea operations require lift and handling equipment that give precise and reliable load control. Through close collaboration with operators, ship owners and ship designers SEAONICS have developed and delivered lift and handling equipment that can be trusted in the most challenging conditions.

System benefits

Precise load control

  • Excellent AHC performance

Robust systems

  • Electric driven (PM motors / Induction motors)

Cost efficient

  • Low power consumption through power regeneration back to ships net

Reliable performance

  • Hydraulic, electric and patented hybrid (h+e) drive systems

Safe operations

  • Easy to operate with graphical and intuitive user interface
  • Hangar door is designed so that upper and lower doors can be closed during operation


SEAONICS moonpool and overside Launch and Recovery Systems are endorsed by ROV operators for its solid design, good functionality and robustness. It is designed for efficient operations and easy maintenance.


System benefits


Precise load control

  • Excellent AHC performance
  • User friendly control system

Robust systems

  • PM motors for high performance
  • Intuitive user interface for control systems
  • Full redundant control system (option)

Cost efficient

  • Low power consumption through power regeneration from Permanent Magnet AC motors
  • Easy maintenance (less rotating parts)

Safe work environment

  • Hangar door is designed so that upper and lower doors can be closed during operation, when overboarding sheave is in extended position. 


SEAONICS deliver cranes for heavy lifting operations including Subsea, FPSO/drill ship cranes and deck cranes. Cranes are designed and manufactured to ensure safe and efficient lift and handling operations for crew and ship owner in harsh conditions. A modern intuitive user interface and a high performing control system increases operator system control and operational efficiency.


System benefits


Safe and efficient operations.

  • Superior Active Heave compensation (AHC)
  • Active or passive Constant Tension (CT)
  • Automatic overload protection system (AOPS)
  • Manual overload protection system (MOPS)

Redundant and robust design

  • Hybrid winch solution with combination of electric and hydraulic motors
  • Full redundant control system (option)

Efficient operations

  • Variable speed at different loads reduces “time with no load”
  • Electrical power can be regenerated to the vessel and reduce cost

Easy maintenance through

  • Reduced complexity of hydraulic motors
  • Reduced size of HPU and accumulators.

Optimized operator cabin work environment

  • Improved sight in work zone through cylinder placement
  • Fully equipped cabin with operators chair (joystick, touch screen, ops of aux equipment (lights, window wipers)


New alternative designs
Our new boomerang shaped crane has wire/rope routed directly from winch to boom tip. This increases the work area compared to standard knuckle boom cranes and reduces wear and tear of wire. The crane is ideal for artic operations and fiber rope use.

Shipboard/Deck Cranes
SEAONICS also provide a wide selection of shipboard/deck cranes including Knuckle boom, fixed boom, telescopic and foldable cranes. Capacity range from SWL 0-25T and 2-25 m with options for remote control by cable or radio. Cranes are delivered as one unit to yard after FAT for easy installation.


SEAONICS deliver Module Handling Towers for efficient Inspection, Maintenance and Repair operations. The tower can be built as an integrated part of the vessel, lifted onboard in one piece or alternatively in sections.

System benefits:

Flexible applications

  • Skidable top sheave, possible to use crane through top of tower
  • Flexible guidewire arms
  • All frequency drives/ hpu included in tower, only attach water and electricity after installation

Improve deck logistics

  • Moon pool hatch
  • Flexible module based deck skid system

Robust and compact design

  • Hybrid or fully electric driven winches
  • Can be modified to existing vessels


SEAONICS provides customized hatches, skid systems and doors for safe and efficient deck and hangar operations. The systems are developed for seamless integration with LARS systems and have been endorsed for enabling ROV operations in challenging conditions and increasing the operational window.


System benefits


Optimal vessel and equipment integration

  • Sideports integrated with overside LARS
  • Moonpool hatches

Efficient deck operations and logistics

  • Moonpool hatches with integrated skid system

Increased crew safety

  • Improves hangar environment and safety for the crew during ROV operation

Intuitive user interface

  • Operations integrated in one control system for easy operation and control


SEAONICS A-frames are developed and built for a wide range of custom applications in close collaboration with the customer. They range from basic over side LARS A-frames with a basic sheave hang-up to large stern A-Frames for trencher and advanced lift operations.

System benefits:

Custom design according to customer need

  • Developed in collaboration with customer and optimized for their use.
  • Design range from a simple sheave hang up to advanced hang up with docking unit.

Increases crew safety

  • Overside A-frame is designed to fit side doors where upper and lower hangar door can be closed during operation to increase crew safety and hangar working conditions.

Equipment integration and control system

  • Designed for efficient integration with other lift and handling equipment such as winches winch and cable laying equipment.
  • Option for Integrated control system with other systems 


Cable laying vessel

See Orange Marine showcasing the cable layer Pierre De Fermat, its equipment and capabilities. SEAONICS delivered all handling equipment for the vessel delivered in 2015 from Vard Brattvaag.


SEAONICS provides complete handling systems for scientific research vessels – making every research cruise count. Based on each vessels unique operational requirements, we deliver tailor made technical solutions to enable efficient research operations.

Based on our maritime experience we work with researchers and designers on general arrangement and vessel design to ensure efficient operations and optimal use of equipment. With system focus and competence we design a complete handling solution and integrate all equipment in one control system with standard, easy-to-use user interfaces.

Commercial grade equipment, designed for easy maintenance, ensures long lifetime and staying operational during the harshest conditions.

With the specific requirements in scientific research we offer a unique 5 year Service and Warranty Agreement, tailor-made for the each vessels operations with training, courses and spare part management. 


SEAONICS offers complete tailor made system solutions to oceanographic and research vessel. This includes all types of winches, handling frames and cranes. We design lift- and handling solutions with focus on the complete system performance and integration to meet the demands onboard a modern research vessel. 

System benefits:

Custom system development with customer

  • Close collaboration with customer/end user in design phase

Complete system design and delivery

  • Equipment and technology for all lift- and handling operations
  • System performance and integration focus

Robust and simple design for easy access and efficient operations

  • User and environmental friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long lifetime

Reliable performance

  • Hydraulic, electric and hybrid (h+e) drive systems
  • Drum design to optimize spooling at all times


SEAONICS provides complete lift and handling system for efficient reservoir exploration. We work with operators, ship owners and ship designers to ensure specialized technology to their need and to ensure accurate operations. SEAONICS products include, seismic winch packages and advanced node handling and storage system.

System benefits:

Efficient operations

  • Efficient equipment storage and deck logistics

Intuitive user interface

  • Operations integrated in one control system for easy operation and control

Custom development

  • Custom product packages developed tailored to the customers need.


Contact us today to learn more about our reservoir exploration products and the SEAONICS product development process.

SEAONICS provides premium electric driven trawl winch systems for pelagic and demersal fishing. We work with you from vessel design and general arrangement to ensure efficient on deck operations and optimal use of equipment. Complete system competence is covered in-house to give you one contact for all your handling equipment. With European production and test facilities we deliver extended FAT and testing. The result is robust and reliable equipment for use in harsh conditions.

We are confident in our products and offer a 5-year service and warranty program.

System benefits:


  • Proven technology
  • High quality manufacturing
  • 5-year Service and maintenance program

Robust and reliable design for easy access

  • User and environmental friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long lifetime

Electric driven by AC motors, frequency controlled

  • Dynamic winches with excellent response
  • Low noise
  • Cost efficient

Reduced fuel consumption

  • High overall performance
  • Low power consumption during towing
  • Regenerating power to the ships net every time the winch pays out
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