Maintenance and repair services

No one knows better than ship owners and rig operators that service, repair and maintenance of your systems is crucial for a safe economical and consistent operation of your vessels or installations.

It will avoid incidents and will extend the lifetime of your equipment. This in turn will reduce costly and unnecessary downtime. 

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Contractor and manpower

Offshoretech is a salesagent for a group of companies that operates as contractor or labour supplier in different industrial segments. 

The companies specializes in training and supplying top-quality technical specialists for the integrated management and execution of various industrial projects according to requirements of potential customers. 

The training process includes development of training programs in accordance with the customer’s technical requirements, as well as training and testing of specialists at their International Training Centre (customer’s representatives may participate in the testing).

Project Management

The company provides offshore/onshore services in the industrial/civil business sectors. High quality of work performed along with exceptional attention to each customer and service flexibility are the foundation of the activities. The company provides both complex construction services and technical specialists of necessary qualification.

Project management includes the following phases:

  • Arranging special training of employees in accordance with the customer's requirements and specific  working conditions.
  • Management of project personnel.
  • Arranging periodical assessments of the personnel's qualification and training, aimed at the acquisition or improvement of qualifications.
  • Project work administration and coordination. 

The companies we cooperate with hold all the nescessary Management systems, certifications and memberships like VCU, VCA, NEN 4400-2 2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, IRATA Trainer, IRATA Operator and simular as required

Typical services are:

- Marine and offshore construction repair, and welding sevices

- Shipbuilding

- Oil and gas rigs, wind parks

- Ship interior finishing

- Industrial and civil construction

- Pipefitting offshore and onshore

- Rope access teams (IRATA) for inspection, installation, maintenance, repair

- Telecom installation services 

- Non Destructive Testing - NDT inspection of steel constructions rig legs, tanks, anchor chains and other parts of construction, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements. Visual Testing. Eddy Current Testing. Penetrant Testing, Ultrasonic Testing of welding seams and Magnetic Particle Testing 

- Scaffolding installation Offshore and Onshore

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